Visit Rolling Sound

aboutM!ERO visited Rolling Sound in Lewisham, London. It was a very interesting and inspiring visit. We met the founders Tom Hegarty and Simon Benett.
RollingSound was founded in 2003 to run youth music projects in areas of London without existing provision. Their aim was to provide an outreach programme that could be taken to any organisation in London, using portable digital workstations, engaging media and motivating industry professional tutors.

RollingSound’s philosophy is to engage young people through creative multimedia, in the way that reflects their lifestyle and is relevant to their culture whilst always looking to steer them towards educational and work related success.
Over the past four years they have delivered outreach projects in every London Borough, Home Counties, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. Over this time they have worked with 5,000 young people and expanded our range of courses to offer seven exciting multimedia disciplines.
Young people on courses have gone onto to take work experience placements with us and some now work full time as tutors for RollingSound.
They have since developed their own state of the art Multimedia Academy which compliments their outreach work, offering master-class courses to young people who want a career in the creative media sector.

We were invited for the intoduction of The Lab: a state of the art music, photography and design suite installed on a fully customised bus.
Touring Lewisham, The Lab brings professional multimedia equipment, delivered by industry professionals in a great space to get creative – all on the doorstep for FREE!

The Lab offers the following courses:
Music Production
Game Design
Web Design

Another interesting project is the Video Game Rolling Sound designed to decrease the knife incidents amongst teenagers in London. Simon en Tom knew some teenagers who were stabbed with a knife.dsc_0408-copy